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Dot Vegas, Inc. is the proud operator of the .Vegas top level domain.  By vote of the City Council, the City of Las Vegas extended its exclusive support to the Company’s bid to apply for and operate the .Vegas top level domain.  Notably, the City of Las Vegas was not alone in supporting the Dot Vegas, Inc.’s bid.  Rather, Dot Vegas, Inc., received the support of a wide range of key political, civic and business organizations such as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Nevada Development Authority, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the former Mayor of the City of North Las Vegas, and two former Nevada governors, all of which expressly supported our efforts.

The principals of Dot Vegas Inc. recognize our responsibility as it relates to both the managing and the marketing of the .Vegas top level domain.  We are committed to making .Vegas one of the most exciting brands and places in cyber space.  As part of our ongoing effort, we will ensure that the .Vegas lights are always on, and that .Vegas domain names are available and accessible to all that wish to become part of the Vegas family.  After all there is a little bit of Vegas in everyone, and now for everyone.




2014 Media Kit

2014 Media Kit:

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Melissa Warren
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Public Relations
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Premium Names

.Vegas premium domain names are now available! While most of our premium domain names can be purchased directly through your favorite registrar such as, we have withheld some of our most desired names for direct placement.

If you are interested in acquiring a premium .Vegas domain please contact us at: