What You Should Know Before General Availability

September 14, 2014
GA blog

It’s almost here! On Monday, September 15, at 12 p.m. PST, anyone anywhere will be able to register their very own .Vegas domain. We’ve got some things to keep in mind before you click “buy”:

  • Get your name early! General Availability is a first come first serve basis so who ever registers the name first gets it. It’s important to not wait until it’s too late and somebody else has already gotten the name you want.
  • Since it is first come first serve, the domain will be available to use immediately. No waiting around to see if you got it or not! That means after noon (PST) on the 15th you can register your name and then immediately build and launch your website.
  • Unlike the .com domain, which has over 110 million names registered, there are still plenty of great names available in .Vegas. More than likely you can get the name you want without any underscores or hyphens. Finally you can get the name you want that corresponds with your business or brand!
  • Use it, don’t park it! While it’s a good idea to secure your names in the .Vegas domain in order to keep other people from using it, it’s also wise to actually use the domain. If there is a part of your business that might benefit from being associated with Las Vegas, this is a great opportunity to market to that niche!

We’re excited to start seeing new .Vegas domain names come online! Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on registering a .Vegas domain.

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