| Dot Vegas, Inc.


  • 02/11/14
Dusty_Trevino_23 smallMeet Dustin Trevino, Dot Vegas, Inc.

What drew me to the domain name field: 
I really got into the domain name field by accident. The finance company I worked for was financing a company called eNIC Corporation at the time. They were the operators of the .cc top level domain. After the finance company was sold to a publicly traded bank I left and went to work for eNIC in their accounting department. That’s how I first got exposure to the domain name space.

Why I love what I do: 
We really are on the cutting edge of the internet and internet infrastructure. While it’s a very niche space it is one that is very interesting and responsible for making the internet work.

What should people know about .Vegas? 
That it exists and is a viable alternative to .com. The internet is changing and becoming more localized. Owning a .Vegas helps establish that you have a connection to one of the most recognizable cities and brands in the world.

My .Vegas domain would be… 
www.hotels.vegas. I know it’s kind of a safe pick but with around 40 million visitors coming to Las Vegas every year, it’s a domain name that has a lot of potential.

A fact about me:
I am an avid skier and watched Aspen Extreme so many times that I came home one day while at the University of Washington, packed up my car and moved to Colorado to ski bum for the winter. One of the best spontaneous decisions I have ever made.